FAST National University Lahore Admission 2014

Right here we will going to talk about FAST National University Lahore Admission 2014. As we all know that FAST National University is known as being one of the most famous and well known universities in Pakistan. FAST stands for National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. This university center has been all involved in giving the students with the graduation and post graduation education that ranges from BBA, MBA, PhD, BS and MS.

FAST National University Lahore Admission 2014   

FAST National University Lahore Admission 2014

                           Just newly FAST University has opened up with their new admissions 2014. For the readers we would like to mention that these admissions have been opened for FAST University campuses in Lahore and Faisalabad.

Below you can get the details about the admission and its procedure as well:

FAST University Admissions in Lahore Campus:

  1. BBA
  2. BS ( accounting and finance)
  3. BS (computer science)
  4. BS (electrical engineering)
  5. MBA
  6. MS ( electrical engineering)
  7. MS( computer science)
  8. MS (software management)
  9. PhD ( mathematics)
  10. PhD ( computer science)
  11. PhD ( electrical engineering)
  12. PhD (management sciences)

FAST University Admissions in Faisalabad Campus:

  1. BBA
  2. BS ( accounting and finance)
  3. BS (computer science)
  4. BS (electrical engineering)
  5. MBA (computer science)
  6. MS( computer science)

Admission Procedure:

             Following main information has to be kept in mind while applying for the admission:

  1. The students have to submit with their complete original documents starting from the matriculation till the bachelors level. If the students are applying for MBA admission then they have to submit the result card of their graduation.
  2. All the documents should be original.
  3. O/A level students should have to submit their original documents as well.
  4. CNIC and Form B should be submitted along with the admission form.
  5. For BBA and BS admission the students should pass through NTS-NAT.
  6. For MBA and MS admission the students have to pass through the NTS-GAT.
  7. For knowing more details about the admission the students are all free to get connected with the FAST University website

If in case the students are verified correctly from the above mentioned rules then they will be issued with the admit card. On this admit card you can know the date, time and venue of FAST University entry test.

Main Information about FAST University Admission:

                     Last date for the submission of application form will be 28th June 2014. Admissions will be starting from 1st July 2014 till 7th July 2014. Interviews for MBS, MS and PhD students will be taken on 15th July 2014 till 17th July 2014.

Contact Information:

  1. Lahore Campus: Block B, Faisal Town, Lahore,


  1. Faisalabad Campus: FAST Chowk-9km from Motorway Interchange towards Chiniot



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