Position Holders Of 8th Class 2018 PEC Top Students Name, Marks

Punjab Examination Commission top Position holders of 8th class 2018 PEC top students name, marks list has been uploaded here. We are going to provide 8th class result 2018 all the districts of Punjab. There are 36 different districts in Punjab and the result is announced in all those districts. All the districts have their own toppers. As these are many districts so every district has its own topper. There are three different categories of toppers is the province of Punjab. The toppers that have topped all over the province of Punjab these are the provincial level toppers. Another category is the district toppers that have topped within their district. Same with all this is the third category is the school toppers that has topped within their schools. All these candidates are held eligible to be rewarded by the Govt. this is why we are bringing here the all the categories of the position holders of 8th class, the toppers that are to be appreciated by the Govt. of Punjab.

Position Holders Of 8th Class 2018 PEC Top Students Name, Marks

Position Holders Of 8th Class 2017 PEC Top Students Name, Marks

Exam of 8th class is a very important exam in the education system where all the subjects of the students are to be totally deviated with new subjects.  It is the most important step for the students who want to study further and have a chance to motivate themselves. Students can check 1st position holder of 8th class 2018, 2nd position holder of 8th class 2018 and 3rd position holder of 8th class 2018.

Exams are over and now result is here. Afterwards all the clutches will be gone and new challenge will rise before you. It is the time to think about your future. Set aside all the other things and concentrate on tour future. Take a great care while choosing your subject of next class as your future is based on it. This is why you have to choose the subjects very carefully.

It doesn’t matter that you were the topper of 8th class but if you chose a wrong subject then, your performance will be zero as if you haven’t worked hard for that. All the study you have done previously will be gone and there will be no use of them. That makes regret of your subject and you can do nothing for it at that time. This is why take a wise decision while choosing your subjects. Best of luck.

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