Karachi Postal Code List Area and Zip Codes

Karachi is the big city of Pakistan and its postal code list area and zip codes are available on this page. You can find desire postal codes what you want to know. All codes are updated by Government of Pakistan. No need to worry about it because this given list is correct 100%. Now you can send letter or any type of documents within Karachi then you can see postal code where you want to send it. There are about 36 districts postal codes are listed on this page.

Karachi Postal Code List Area and Zip Codes

Karachi is the best place in Pakistan where Pakistani Sea is available and its weather remain same from 12 months due to its Sea. There are many places where Child and Younger go and play and enjoy a lot. One thing is important for all that there is tomb of Quaid-e-Azam where people go at routine for prayers and memories his history. Quaid-e-Azam was a great leader of Pakistan and whose fulfill the dream of Allama Iqbal. He is our national hero so that’s why Pakistani people remember them in golden words. Pakistani people are crazy to love them and go their tomb with red roses. Children also love them and read their stories in his School syllabus. Karachi has port Qasim where international ships come with luggage. Every part of Karachi has history and enjoyable place where people go and make rush.

Karachi Postal Code List Area and Zip Codes

There are some details about Karchi area and its postal codes so you can see every city postal codes which is listed.

Karachi area code: 021
Karachi Latitude: 24.89338
Karachi Longitude: 67.02806

Here is Sort by Alphabetic Order:

Postal Code

Area Name

72500 karachi Airport
75760 Baldia Town
75150 Board of Secondary Education
75530 Karachi Cantt
7100 City GPO
75600 Clifton
75250 COD
75180 Darul-uloom
75500 Defence Society
75150 Export Processing Zone
75950 Federal B Area
75300 Gulshan-e-Iqbal
75650 Habib Bank
75520 Hotel Metropole
75510 Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center
74200 Karachi GPO
75270 Karachi University
75620 Keemari
75190 Korangi Creek
74900 Korangi GPO
75160 Landhi Colony
75900 Liaqatabad
75660 Liyari
75070 Malir Cantt
75050 Malir City
75890 Manghopir
75640 Manora
75780 MariPur-CE
75750 Maripur-FA
75460 Mehmoodabad
75100 Model Colony
75040 Murad Memon Goth
75260 National Cement Industry- DALMIA
74700 Nazimabad GPO
75850 New Karachi
74800 New Town GPO
74600 North Nazimabad GPO
75800 Orange Town
75280 PCSIR
75100 PECHS
75760 Pakistan Machine Tool Factory
75790 Pakistan Naval Armament Depot
75800 Pakistan Steel Mills
75200 Pakistan Steel Mills Town Ship
75020 Port Muhammad Bin Qasim
75120 Quaidabad
75210 Rafa-e-Aam Society
75700 SITE
74100 Saddar GPO
75230 Shah Faisal Colony
75350 Shahra-e-Faisal
75730 Sher Shah Colony
75580 Sindh Governor House
74550 Nishter Road

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